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What we look for

VenGen is interested in scientists and starting/prospective entrepreneurs who bring along a promising idea or product in life sciences. Remember: you do not have to be an entrepreneur yourself (yet)! However, some sense of entrepreneurial aptitude is very useful. After all, you must strongly believe in the commercial value of your idea or product. Being a team player, as well as being enthusiastic and persistent is of crucial importance in achieving your goal.

VenGen is also interested to discuss spin-out opportunities which are directly initiated by (tech transfer officials from) universities and life science institutes.


Ideas or products put forward should be within the field of life sciences, but we look broadly at :

  • therapeutics
  • diagnostics
  • medical devices
  • platform technologies


We discuss ideas mostly at the pre-seed stage and often even before a company is formed, a business plan written or a management team is put into place. We look for technologies that represent significant breakthroughs within the life sciences. Ideas should be developed to the level where they have initial proof of concept and the potential for commercial application. Validation of the underlying science through publication in peer-reviewed journals or receipt of competitive grants is an advantage as is initial protection through patent applications.


  • Personal fit: we believe that the right chemistry between the founders is essential for success and we will spend a great deal of our time to find out whether we can build a firm relationship
  • Innovation: major discoveries resulting in products or technologies that matter, with substantial market value
  • Unmet Need: the market that your technology or product is aiming at should have a substantial size, should be clearly defined and confirmed by end-users
  • Intellectual property protection: we consider the intellectual property position to be essential. Not having filed any patents on a protectable technology might be an advantage when contacting us
  • Scientific Credibility: peer reviewed articles, grants, and the name and fame of the ‘inventors’ are taken into consideration
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