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Our vision

In our vision a scientific entrepreneur is best helped by:

Commitment: building a committed start-up team with all the necessary disciplines and broad experience and above all with aligned interest. Thus working in partnership with co-founders rather than with consultants has proved to be most effective. This enables both the scientific entrepreneur and VenGen to focus on where their expertises lies in order to work successfully together. VenGen holds the view that the chemistry between  both parties must be spot on. Building a firm  relationship is therefore of paramount importance and should start as early as possible. This is why VenGen actively seeks early start-ups: if you travel the road together, it will build the relationship and enhance the chances of success.

Experience: VenGen is founded by entrepreneurs who have (co)founded more than 15 life science companies in the past 15 years. We have first hand experience in how difficult it can be to get started with little or no money. We know how to address the right investors. Furthermore, history has taught us that building up a successful business is based on much more than 'just' a scientific finding and intellectual property.
VenGen offers its entrepreneurial experience and dedicates its time and enthusiasm - and in some cases a small amount of seed capital - to get a company off the ground. By doing so, VenGen commits itself to the venture as a true co-founder.

Network: join the VenGen network of life science entrepreneurs, financial experts and renowned scientists. VenGen organizes regular meetings with its advisory board members to discuss developments and planning.

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