DiagnOptics BV

DiagnOptics is a life science company that developed the AGE Reader™, a proprietary device to assess cardiovascular risk. The AGE reader™ is currently being introduced on the European market. This innovative way of non-invasive monitoring uses fluorescence of ultraviolet light rather than examining a skin biopsy in a laboratory. The AGE Reader™ assesses the accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGE's) in the patient. AGE's have a pivotal role in the development of chronic complications of diabetes and other common conditions, but are also a marker of oxidative stress. DiagnOptics was founded in 2003. Bart van den Berg (VenGen partner) became CEO in 2004. First financing round was closed in 2005 with VenGen as co-lead investor.




logo Photonics Healthcare
Photonics Healthcare BV was founded in October 2009 by Erasmus Medical Center scientist Bert Mik and entrepreneurs Michael Münker (Step 2 BV) and Alfred Nijkerk (VenGen BV). Photonics Healthcare develops devices that monitor mitochondrial function based on a recent invention made at the academic medical centers in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Photonics intends to market these devices for clinical use as well as for research and testing. An optical, noninvasive bedside monitor is expected to provide crucial information to caretakers in intensive care unit that can not currently be obtained. Photonics signed exclusive and unrestricted license agreements with the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam and Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam. Michael Münker became CEO. Michael was trained as a physicist and has earlier helped build Elana BV, a medical device company in Utrecht, where he was the partner responsible for products and technology as well as regulatory and clinical affairs. There, he brought the devices for excimer laser assisted nonocclusive anastomosis to the market.



Porifarma BV

logo porifarma
Porifarma is a production development company with its core competence in the field of mass production of pharmaceutically interesting sponges in land-based marine systems. Porifarma develops innovative production methods in cooperation with multiple companies and universities. It expects to finalize its first round of financing in 2006. Porifarma was founded by Ronald Osinga and VenGen in 2005. As per January 2008, Jasper de Goeij is CEO and Ronald Osinga is CSO.






UBIQ logo

UbiQ is a spin-out of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). UbiQ is developing and commercialising ubiquitinated peptides and high throughput assays, that will enable drug discovery in the rapidly expanding ubiquitin-based field. Products are targeted at pharmaceutical companies and academic research labs. Next to reagent and assay business, UbiQ initiated its own drug discovery and development efforts based on its Triple E platform.

UbiQ was founded in 2010 by Huib Ovaa and Farid El Oualid (CSO), two distinguished scientists from the NKI, together with the NKI and Alfred Nijkerk (CEO).



Vicinivax BV

ViciniVax is a biotechnology company that is developing therapeutic cancer vaccines. ViciniVax' first product candidate Vvax001 is a therapeutic vaccine against p recancerous cervical lesions. ViciniVax was founded in 2008 by four eminent scientists from the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) together with VenGen and 3 cornerstone seedfunds. Alfred Nijkerk has been founding CEO until June 2015.

The management of ViciniVax consists of Janneke Meulenberg, MBA, PhD (CEO); Prof. Toos Daemen, PhD, of the department of Molecular Virology UMCG, responsible for pre-clinical research and Prof. Hans Nijman, MD, PhD, of the department of Gynaecologic Oncology UMCG, responsible for clinical research.

For the (pre)clinical development of Vvax001, ViciniVax is working in close collaboration with UMCG.




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